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Buying by square footage cost?

Is Price per Square Foot a good criterion for buying a home?

Many people compare one builder to another by dividing the sales price by the estimated square footage of the house. We feel this would be like buying your next new car by the cost per pound. You may find that rather silly, but isn’t that what most buyers do when comparing the value of homes to each other? If the lowest price per square foot is your sole criterion for determining which home to purchase, you may not decide to purchase a new Masullo Brothers Builders home. Although we are very competitive with other builders on a cost per square foot basis, the quality of a new home and its neighborhood must be judged by the old adage Location, Location, Location as well as the home site size, included features, design, materials and quality of construction that is provided relative to the price per square foot. That is where we are set apart from our competition and where you should analyze the value to cost ratio. If you are still thinking of shopping on only cost per square foot basis, compare home site size and then verify the dimension as quoted from outside wall to wall or inside wall to wall. This simple calculation can mean as much as 35-55 square foot difference per some floor plans. And we all know a larger home site cost more because in most cases it offers the value of less density.
As you approach a Masullo Brothers Builders home you will first notice the neighborhood in which it is located. We provide a planned community designed to enhance value with compatible architectural home styles, sizes and prices. No matter what your investment may be, shouldn’t your neighborhood rate a distinctive location? Over 75 acres of Twenty West was dedicated to the Town of Guilderland as open green space. A professionally designed streetscape, open green space and well designed home sets a tone for your guest when they visit you in your new Masullo built home. Shouldn’t you get a quality neighborhood along with your new quality home?

Feng Shui and new home building

What is Feng Shui? Members of our staff recently attended a Feng Shui seminar as to how Feng Shui relates to homebuilding. Very interesting seminar. We are finding some of our customers and prospects are using Feng Shui in the selection of their new Masullo Brothers Builders home. As a Capital Region new homebuilder we are interested in meeting the challenges of building new homes that are designed to offer good Feng Shui. So what is Feng Shui?  Really simple question that can be difficult to answer.  It is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago by the Chinese. A complex body of knowledge that is related to the energy and “chi” of the land and the home placed on it. It’s about balancing this energy to assure the health and good fortune of the people living in the space. Feng means wind  and Shui means water.  In the Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good health, thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune, while bad feng shui means bad luck, or misfortune. Some of the basic aspects are the Yin and Yang theories.   There are ways you can design and build a home to keep the energy or “chi” in the proper location to create good feng shui. Many of the current home plans offered by most builders do not take Feng Shui into account or consideration. We are learning and embracing this aspect of homebuilding with our customers who recognize and acknowledge this culture. Like I said, it’s very interesting.

Spring Cleaning Tips!

It’s finally Spring! Longer days, trees are leafing, birds are singing, grass is greening. Chances are you’ve already fired up your grill. Spending some time on your new home will give you a jump on the months ahead.  Take your time, don’t try and do it all in one day. Use these tips to get you started.

1.    Make a plan and set a reasonable goal. Come up with a plan as to what areas of your home you need to clean. Set a time frame and a plan of attack that insures that at least you have a 98% chance of getting it done.
2.    Check for Cleaning Supplies. Nothing worst than starting a project and running out of supplies in the middle of it. Go green and use white vinegar, baking soda, bleach, instead of chemically laden products.
3.    Get your whole family involved! Including the kids. Give them something age appropriate to do. Let them hand you things as you are doing the heavy work! Put on some music. Make it fun.
4.    Clean one area at a time. Don’t get distracted with various projects around the house. Work one area at a time.
5.    Get rid of clutter first. It’s hard and time consuming to start and then have to move all the knick-knacks, pictures and “stuff”. Put all these things in a box or plastic bins.
6.     Clean those nice Andersen Windows with a sponge, squeegee and a dry cloth. Then open them. After all they’ve been closed all winter. Air the house out a little. It’s refreshing and will give you more energy.
7.    Clean every room top to bottom. Start with the ceiling. Dust the fan or light fixtures, then check the corners for the “webbys”. Work your way down the walls, over the bookcase and furniture and all the way down to the baseboards and vents.
8.    In the bathrooms, use rubbing alcohol to remove mirror haze and water spots. Use white vinegar to clean the shower doors. Clean the tile with ½ cup baking soda mixed well in a gallon of water. Use a small mop to apply.
9.    In the kitchen remove water spots on the stainless steel sink with rubbing alcohol.  Porcelain sinks should be covered with paper towels on the bottom. Soak the paper towels with bleach. Run your dishwasher empty or use the “clean” setting to clean it out.  On the inside surfaces of the fridge use a mild cleaner. Don’t forget to clean the cabinets.  Reorganize as needed.

You can find tons of checklist for cleaning room by room online, and most of those checklist will offer additional tips for cleaning your new Masullo Brothers Builder home.

A Revival Is On The Way!

The housing market in the Albany and Capital Region area is showing strong signs of revival as reported in the Times Union newspaper. Sales have climbed by double-digit percentages for the second month in a row. Mortgage rates are also in the three’s and what a financial benefit to buyers that is. All in all great news which will have an impact on the overall economic environment of the area. Our sales and prospect traffic both have increased in all of our communities. Now just might be a very good time to build that new home you’ve always wanted.

New or Used?

Our Top Ten reasons for buying new

  1. Everything is new and shiny! No wear and tear, no gunk, no weird smells, no animal accidents and best of all…
  2. No surprises! No hidden damage like mold or water leaks.
  3. New Home Warranty. Your new Masullo Brothers home comes with a 1 year craftsman, a 2 year mechanical, and a 10 year structural warranty. In addition many of the products and materials are covered through a manufactures warranty as well.
  4. No repairs! Don’t worry about hidden or unseen defects. Today’s building codes for new homes are stronger than ever.
  5. No renovation necessary! Your new Masullo Brothers home is built to fit your needs. No need to rip out shag carpet or tear down walls. And no pink, green or bright blue wallpaper!
  6. Design. Your choices and options match your taste and style. Not one of 20 years ago.
  7. Energy Efficient. Even better today than just five years ago. Can’t ask for more than that!
  8. Longevity. With improving technology, products and materials are made to last longer. Plus because of no existing wear you are able to take advantage of the full product life.
  9. Community. Located near all things convenient and with community standards. Your new neighbor won’t and can’t turn their old toilet into a flower pot in the front yard.
  10. It’s easy! We will guide you through every step of the process.